Wine and food pairing SINGAPORE

Wine and food pairing is important for restaurants if they really want their business to be long term especially in this pandemic of Covid-19. Everyone cannot go overseas for holiday, this created a huge opportunity for local restaurants.

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Wine and food pairing services in Singapore Asia Wine Network 2021

Wine and food pairing by AWN ( Singapore )

To a restaurant owner, they wish their right wine sells like a “hot cake” on their menu. In Singapore, wine and food pairing can be very important especially for top restaurants. Why? One steak can be few hundred bucks, but if chosen the wrong wine taste to pair with the steak, consumers feel not worth the money. As a matter of fact, this can indirectly spoil the restaurant’s reputation. Hence, this is where Asia Wine Network coming from, AWN provide food and wine supply services to restaurants for over 25 years in Singapore as a wine distributor.

Food and wine pairing for restaurants Singapore

Furthermore, good food & wine pairing is all about finding out which flavors from the dish can go best with a certain wine. And this can confuse most of the restaurant owner even a chef. Our founder Mr.Roderic has been in the Singapore F&B industry for the past 25 years. Sometimes certain wines are selling well in other countries, but cannot sell well in Singapore. This is why for the Singapore market, we don’t just send the so-called “good wine list” to our restaurant’s partners. What we do is more than just send the price, and tell you the wine is good. In the end, the wine will leave it for years cannot sell even a few bottles. We always insist our restaurant partners get the right wine to pair with their food concept.

Wine and food pairing Singapore by Asia Wine Network
Wine and food pairing Singapore by Asia Wine Network Wine Distributor 2021

The best food pairing with the right wine in Singapore

If a restaurant chooses the wrong wine for their dishes, this can downgrade their reputation. Why? Imagine a good food pairing with the wrong wine, the consumer will not come back to once their try. Also, they will feel that the cost of the dinner course is not worth the price and not coming back. Indirectly lead consumers to leave a bad review on your social media and bad comment. Not worth right? For example, there are over 20 different tastes found in food, from basic, sweet, sour, and fatty to extreme ones, such as spicy, umami, and electric. So if you are chosen the wrong dishes, it can conflict with the taste of the wine. This is why when we recommend a wine to our restaurant partner, we are extremely careful.

Professional wine supply including wine advice

Most of the restaurant’s owners are good at food, but when turning into wine pairing, they can be confused. We have seen some big brand restaurant menus the wine list can be wrong in details. This is what we do not wish to see such a case happen for our customers. A dish can have 2 main components, fat in this case and salt. The macaroni in the example is typically baked to get rid of water. Southern barbecue dishes are a bit more complex and include fat, salt, sweet, and spice (plus a little acid!). Not only is the meat part important but other aspects such as sauces and side dishes also play a key role. For example, a green salad offers acidity and bitterness; creamed corn offers fatness and sweetness. So what do you think about wine type? there are millions of types of wine.

Wine and food pairing Singapore by Asia Wine Network 2021

Importance of wine and food pairing Singapore

A portion of good food without the right wine pairing, regardless of the chef keep saying they are the best restaurant, they still will not be able to succeed. Why? Sometimes the good wine match with the wrong food can create bad experiences for consumers. This is why when a restaurants owner decides to add new wine into their menu, they will probably look for a wine and food pairing specialist for consultation. As restaurant owners, they wish to add more items to their menu in order to make more selections to benefit their customers. To a casual restaurant without proper knowledge of wines, they will properly go for the cheaper price of wine selection. They will not go for any so-called “food and wine pairing” concept. Why? This type of restaurant owner wanted to fulfill customer needs but had no proper knowledge on how to choose the right wine.

Choose the right combination for your restaurant

For wine selection, if go by the simple way, it depends on the grape, terroir, and winemaker. An example of red wine can be fruity or dry, full-bodied or light. When you need to add a list of wine list into your restaurant menus, we always advise our restaurant partner to arrange for wine tasting if possible. As some wine you need to really taste on it, only you can know the taste whether pair with the food. Most of the wine distributors when asking for wine, will only push the wine that they “left” or some wines that many awards, is this the right way of wine distribution? NO. This is why our wine specialist also found always insist to provide the proper wine knowledge to our partners. This is how we awarded the best wine distributor Singapore for 2017 and 2019.