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Asia Wine Network was awarded the best wine distributor in Singapore for 2017 and 2019, we successfully delivered the best wine comes with an affordable price to our F&B business partners for the past 27 years.

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Asia Wine Network Pte Ltd – Wine distributor Singapore Jurong

Wine supplier in Singapore Jurong by Asia Wine Network (AWN) located at the East and West area since 1995. Our main wine-tasting location is at Tradehub 21. As a wine distributor, AWN has mainly focused on wine distribution for businesses for the past 25 years. We bring value to our partners and share our wine knowledge to make sure our client’s partners get the right wines according to their business needs.

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Importance of Food and Wine Pairing

Nevertheless, AWN awarded the best wine supplier in Singapore for restaurant food and wine pairing. Are food and wine pairing important for F&B and restaurants? Yes, as a wine specialist and distributor, very important, especially in Singapore. Why? Food and wine pairing presenting the knowledge and experiences of the restaurant. This is why we can see many..

Food and wine pairing for restaurant wine distributor Asia Wine Network Singapore 2021
Food wine pairing Wine distributor Singapore by Asia Wine Network
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Wine Specialist

AWN Wine Specialist is the only wine specialist in Singapore that comes with 25 years of experience in food and wine pairing especially for the F&B industry in Singapore.


Choose The Right Wine

Indeed as a wine distributor, we supply our wine to the hotels and restaurant’s partners with ultimate care. In other words, we are not just concerned about origin and vintage, but we encourage our partner to choose the “right” wine for the business.


Wine Expert Experience

To put it differently, AWN was awarded the best wine distributor for 2017 and 2019 in Singapore. In fact, we bring every inch of wine knowledge to benefit our partners, ensure they run their businesses smoothly.

Wine Support & Advice for Special Events

In general, AWN clients’ partners are based in almost every industry, especially in services lines, including sales, business development, and marketing. Not to mention, as a direct importer and distributor, we understand our partners require a good experience of wine specialists to support and advise for their yearly events and project campaign.

Food and Wine Bar Concept (F&B)

Equally, from a expert point of view, especially in Singapore, we take extra care for food and wine pairing. In addition, we have many clients also partners who voted as the top ten food and wine bar in Singapore. Comparatively, as a sustainable food and wine business, other than the premium quality of food, wine choice is an important factor in enhancing the food taste to “convince” different consumers. Not to mention, 99% of the food dishes have to be matching with the right wine, so that only can improve consumer dining experiences.

Wine Distribution for Singapore Businesses

In detail, Asia Wine Network is one of the wine distribution companies in Singapore. AWN has had many clients stay with us for more than 2 decades. All these client values to us are more than just “client”. Why? For instance, we support each other and go through every difficult period especially during this pandemic of Covid-19, they are our genuine partners.

With this intention, AWN has received numerous awards of appreciation from companies around Singapore.

AWN Wine Awards

World Gourmet 2020

The best Wine Distributor 2019

The best Wine Distributor 2017

Salon gourmet 2015

AWN Partners

Indeed as core wine experts in Singapore, we make sure our wine labels are direct from the wineries. And honestly, we only focus on the good quality of wines, instead just only expensive wine from the branded winery but the taste is not good, this doesn’t mean anything to our customers and partners.