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Since 1995, Asia Wine Network leading wine distribution and wine knowledge sharing in Singapore for more than two decades.

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Clarke Quay, SG

Asia Wine Network

In 1995, Roredic and Sally Ong founded Asia Wine Network Company with a vision to improve outcomes for a better wine industry in Singapore. With more than two decades of wine distribution experience. Today, AWN has been awarded numerous awards in Singapore. Till today, we are regularly involved and participate in various local, regional & international “lifestyle” wine events, wine fairs & culinary and gourmet festivals

Asia Wine Network Singapore 2021 Wine Distributor
Asia Wine Network Singapore Clarke Quay Best Wine Distributor Award 2021

Who Are We

Asia Wine Network is the backbone wine distributor in Singapore for the past 25 years. Our wine specialist intends to provide useful wine knowledge and information to help the Singapore wine industry develop and grow. At AWN, we will fully support and provide for every industry with our wine expertise in wine distribution.

What we provide

We provide effective & sustainable solutions for food and wine pairing in Singapore. Therefore, Asia Wine Network focusing on key areas comprising Wine distribution & wine training for staff. Sustainability can be found at the core of our knowledge of wine. We have strong expertise in wines so we can develop, run & maintain the standard of wines to provide you with diverse wine solutions that are good for your business.

Why us

In food and wine pairing, we will provide the ultimate advice and guidance for our clients. And Asia WN is straightforward to the point which is helpful to get the “right choice” of wines. Asia wine network is not just concerned about the price to customers, but diving deep into their business concept needs and given individual wine training. We ensure our partners run their business smoothly. We always advise our partners don’t be wine “followers”, but try new wines to be the “unique” seller to increase their knowledge.

Ultimate Care & Convenience

Asia WN handles our wine partner business with ultimate care. Make every one of our partners more convenient. We treat every wine trade order equally important, all the wine trade orders held by Asia Wine Network will be delivered on time with no lateness. We have sufficient staff for wine trade orders to offer trust services and fulfillment. As shipping is on your schedule and at your convenience.


Read our full wine reward and event.


Our founder care about wine knowledge and experiences. Not only just sell the wine without any understanding of wines.


Our wine services can be covered all the needs of businesses in Singapore, especially in the F&B sector. We have a team that helps.

Wines list

AWN carries wine from 13 regions and 300 overs labels into Singapore since 25 years ago, we only import good wine for our clients.