Wine Services

AWN delivers wine services that are efficient and professional way. Similarly, Singapore wine services or wine distribution inquiries are often replied to within a few days. We reply within hours rather than a few days. We allow your creative business idea remains on schedule.

Wine distribution

AWN distribute wines from 13 regions to Singapore businesses for the past 25 years, awarded the best wine distributor Singapore. AWN specializes in providing unique solutions for businesses.

Corporate event

Cooperating wine events or gifts is great stuff to value your staff they are important. We help numerous stocked companies arrange to cooperate events including unique events and solutions.

Wine tasting

Wine tasting events can be unique and good experiences. Even can help boost your social media exposure. Hence, AWN wine specialists help to plan and arrange wine tasting events as your wish.

food-wine-cheese-bread-icoWine and food pairing

The right wine and food pairing are important to enhance food taste. Our wine specialist with 25 years of food and wine pairing experience helps you choose the right wine to improve the business quality of your business.

Wine training for staff

Staff knowledge is essential when they introduce the taste of the wine of your businesses, this helps to push your wine and food. AWN provides wine training & education for staff to empower your business.

F&B restaurant wine supply

AWN’s main focus is on F&B, hotel, and club wine supply and distribution for the past 25 years. Our wine expertise provides personable and unique service for all the F&B businesses in Singapore.

Wine gifts solution

A wine gift is the best way to value someone that really means to you. AWN provides unique wine solutions with custom designs for wine gifts, hamper, or any within your imagination.

Wine seminar

A wine seminar is good for people who really love wines, wish to know more about wine history. AWN conducted numerous wine seminars for more than 2 decades in Singapore.

Corporate wine gifts

Corporate wine gift special for companies that offer yearly gifts for their customer and staff. AWN provides custom wine cooperate gift solutions and designs according to personable requirements.