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As a wine distributor with 25 years of experience in Singapore, Asia Wine Network makes sure your customer enjoys your food with our wine pairing.

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Wine distribution business to business ( Singapore )

Asia Wine Network mainly focuses on wine distribution in Singapore from business to business for the past 25 years. We have more than 500 trade clients mostly are in F&B services including restaurants, wine events, and wedding dinners. For F&B businesses, is much more challenging than a normal wine retail distribution. Why? As if a good food without the right selection of wine, the food’s tasty level can be drop. Therefore, As a wine distributor, wine and food pairing is extremely important for F&B businesses, especially in Singapore.

Wine distribution Singapore for restaurant

We distribute more than 500 wine labels to restaurants businesses in Singapore according to individual concepts. Most of these restaurants only prefer to get the wine from us. Why? They understand that if without the “right” wine knowledge guidance from us, no matter how good is the wine quality, still cannot sell well. Food and wine pairing are not simple as you think, to a “casual” wine distributor, maybe they will feel that is not important. To our wine expertise, every wine label, every wine can be matched with every single food individually.

Wine tasting and wine distributor by Asia Wine Network Singapore 2022
Singapore wine distribution by Asia Wine Network 2021

Direct wine importer and wine distributor

Then again, to provide the best quality wine for our trade partner, our wine is 100% of our wines are direct import from 13 countries with different regions. Nonetheless, AWN only brings quality and tasted unique wine for our trade businesses. We don’t take any wine that is cheap but the low quality did not me our standard. In contrast, there are a million labels of wine around the world. So no point for us to bring in bad wine for our precious trade customers. Why? If the wine cannot sell well, as a distributor, we cannot sustain the long-term business with our partners too. This is the reason why our clients will never leave us alone, not just in business, but we are partners.

Wines specialist & Distributor Singapore

To be honest, from a distributor point of view, if the restaurant has chosen the wrong wine with their food, the wine will not able to sell well despite the wine prices high or low. Without given the right advice, the restaurant will not be able to sell well. Why? every single label of wines can be a different taste. Before supply wine to the business, our certified wine specialists insist to understand more about the restaurant. Wine is about taste, class, and standard, not about simple like choosing a country from France, white or red wine, 90pts point high means good wine, NO.

Personalized wine list and staff training by the distributor

Similarly, a common issue happens in Singapore, we can see many restaurants chose the wrong wine to match their food. So their wine probably sells only a few bottles a year. Not because the distributor or the wine is not good but is the wine match the wrong food. This is why our founder also a wine specialist very criticize for food and wine pairing. Also, we even have a new trade customer match the wrong wine for their food. Moreover, the worst case is they print the wrong thing on their menu and they don’t even know. Until they found us only knew that the wine they took is wrong from another supplier.

The right food matching the right wine

Furthermore, running a high classes restaurant business requires the right wine to match with food. This is whereas AWN come from, our team of wine specialist takes great care in ensuring your customer have the best pairing satisfaction from beginning to end. In addition, over the course of 25 years as a distributor, we have studied the market for local and international restaurants to understand what the locals are searching for and we are able to fulfill that. We are proud to say that more we have to help up more than 500 restaurant businesses to choose the right wine.

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