Wine connoisseur in Singapore (Roderic Proniewski)

Wine connoisseur in Singapore by Roderic Proniewski is the founder of Asia Wine Network. Which is an exclusive wine distributor for brands in Singapore with more than two decades of trade experience.

Wine connoisseur experiences ( SINGAPORE )

Mr.Roderic has been living in Singapore for 25 years and he has set up wine import and distribution companies during that time. With this intention, as a wine connoisseur and distributor, he has been recognized in the local & regional wine scene with respected wine portfolios in Singapore. In the lead of Mr.Roderic, Asia Wine Network Singapore won prestigious international awards and accolades, and also supply wines to hotel groups; restaurant chains, golf clubs, and corporation companies in Singapore.

Asia wine network wine distributor Singapore Roderic

Restaurant wine connoisseur Singapore

As a wine connoisseur also wine taster, he puts more love into wines than anyone else. There’s no better way to taste wine during dining or wine events, until today, Mr.Roderic has joined more than a thousand events for dining and restaurant events in Singapore for the past 25 years. He also arranges different types of events for the food & beverage industry including Wine Talks, Wine Seminars, and food-wine pairing dinners. As can be see He actively participates in events like the World Gourmet Summit, International Wine Challenge, Slow Food Association, and wine festivals all around the world.

Wine connoisseur by Asia Wine Network Roderic Proniewski Wine Distributor
Singapore wine connoisseur Roderic Proniewski Asia Wine Network Wine Distributor 2021


Wine connoisseur Singapore

Mr. Roderic is a wine connoisseur especially for the F&B industry in Singapore. Food and wine pairing of his expertise regardless of any type of food concept.


wine taster

As a wine taster, high-quality wine will only bring into Singapore is the passion of Roderic. Especially as a core wine distributor for F&B, retails, hotels, and more.


wine specialist

Aside from being awarded WSET Level 1, 2, and 3 wine specialist qualifications. Roderic is an accredited tester by the famous “Ecole du Vin” de Bordeaux. (Bordeaux Wine School) and he qualified to conduct training for the schools in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Wine connoisseur Singapore by Asia Wine Network 2021 Wine Distributor

Finalist of wine Sommelier Mentor Singapore

Even so, Mr.Roderic has been selected to co-organize wine judge for the “Wine And Spirit Asia” Wine Challenge in Singapore in the years 2010, 2012, and 2014. His career includes a number of interesting wine challenge judging gigs such as becoming the judge for events that include Michelangelo in South Africa and the IWC London. He is happy that to be a wine connoisseur in Singapore and also at the same time enjoy the lifestyle he loves. However, he always mentions that being the best wine distributor is not about how much money he can earn, is about how much effort they are willing to understand the restaurant concept.

What is a wine connoisseur in Singapore?

On the other hand, wine connoisseurs are some of the most sought-after professionals in the wine industry. Thereupon Mr.Roderic joins numerous of wine events for the past 25 years. Important to realize Mr.Roderic WSET Level 3 certification grade: Passes with distinction, which means for tasting wine can identifying its smell and know the country origin without a drink, texture, aroma, and body. In fact, he has experience in wine tasting extensively.

In Singapore, a connoisseur is someone who has an expert understanding of wine. He can tell you all about the different types of wines and what to pair them with food. Surprisingly, many people think that this leisure wine distributor going to replace the job of a professional wine connoisseur. But in fact, Mr.Roderic is taking an important role in the F&B industry. As shown above, Mr.Roderic provides good information on which wines go well with what food. He also knows where to find new wines for your businesses.

Roderic Proniewski EXPERIENCES

To summarize, a wine connoisseur is a person who has considerable knowledge of wine and can distinguish the differences between wines. After all, with years of being a wine distributor in Singapore, Mr.Roderic has a deep understanding of the production process and how it affects tasting. He was educated in wine laws, vineyard management, viticulture, grape varieties, winemaking techniques, geography, and climate. They must also know how to judge wines with reference to standards or guidelines.